It's time to build better brand loyalty with your shoppers.


Engage your shoppers with your branded Loyalty Marketing Program

Unlock rich data and insights while rewarding shoppers that engage your brand

Free trial - Easy setup - Cancel any time 

Drive brand loyalty and revenue with a focus

on your specific loyalty marketing needs

With EVERY, you can easily deploy loyalty experiences, referrals programs and growth campaigns to engage existing shoppers and reach new ones. Unlock powerful insights with Shopper opt-in data and engagement. 

Ready to join 700+ brands across 32 countries growing with EVERY? 

Unified Shopper Data

Easily merge your loyalty, eCommerce, POS and marketing data into a shopper verified data profile

View Rich Profiles

Get direct access to real time, insightful and actionable, shopper profiles like you've never seen before

Access Rich Audiences

We make it easy to track, filter and automate ideal segments for every shopper

Target & Engage

Use segmented audience groups to target the right people across channels with the right message at the right time

Easily customize your Loyalty Program to Reach Your Goals

Branded Loyalty


Easily launch a fully branded loyalty programs for online and in-store experiences. Your logo, colors on your site. 

Shopper Profiles

Unified shopper data is now actionable marketing insights. Access deep opt-in data, preferences, and behavioral attributes like never before


 Rewards & Offers

Configure from several options for rewarding actions, referrals, and data with points, exclusive offer and dynamic discounts.

Shopper Surveys & Experiences

Incentivize and learn from category specific surveys and actions. Learn more about your audience than ever before.

Audience Groups

Access actionable audience groups that unlock a clear path to target your campaigns for new shopper acquisition and desirable repeat behavior

Influencer & VIP Programs

 Incentivize actions that matter most to your brand through exclusive offers and rewards for shoppers that drive deeper engagement 

Referrals & Shopper Advocacy

Driving shopper advocacy and creating  brand loyalists isn’t only good for word-of-mouth marketing but will lift repeat sales 


Easily customizable and on-brand Interactions through event based email, display ads and consumer funnel experiences. Deliver more engagement and conversions 

Revenue & Performance Insights

Track real-time, audience and shopper LTV. Gain visibility into the investment and revenue from your loyalty program.

Get started on Shopify within minutes for free.
Generate your own loyalty program in a few minutes 

In just a few clicks you can start rewarding your Shoppers for easily sharing their data and purchasing & sharing your products.

Not on Shopify? Add our Wallet* UI to any site with our easy-to-use Developer APIs and SDKs. 

Easily select how many points you want to reward Shoppers for positive engagement. Increase trust and access to their data.


Unlock transparency into the audiences that are engaging your brand with Shopper profiles and data-driven analytics. (Request Access)


Deploy automated campaigns from a single place. Ensure every ad is personal and relevant for your Shoppers. (Request Access)


Easy-to-implement integrations coming soon 
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